How to Use the Online Survey 2022


The Green Light Toolkit includes a survey of mental health services, designed to help these services provide effective support to autistic people and people with learning disabilities. This page explains how to use the Online Survey 2022 to collect views from staff and other stakeholders in mental health services.

Use the Online Survey 2022 if you

  • Want to collect views via an online questionnaire from six or more people and have the findings collated into some charts.
  • Can set a start and finish date for when the Online Survey 2022 must be completed.
  • Want to compare one group with another (perhaps your group with our national average, or one of your teams with another).
  • Want to anonymise individual respondents while being able to identify your own team.
  • Trust the opinion of the people you are asking.
  • Have enough time, energy and commitment to turn the findings into an action plan and then implement it.

Summary of the entire process for the Online Survey 2022

A manager (who might be a mental health team leader) will Register to use the Online Survey here and enters the dates during which respondents will be able to submit their answers to the questions. The manager is sent a standard email (you can see the text of the email  here) which contains a code by which they can identify their team, a link to the Online Survey and a reminder about the dates when the survey will be open. You can also see a pdf copy of the Online Survey 2022 questions here. The manager simply sends a copy of this email to each person they wish to participate.

After the closing date for submission of the completed Online Survey 2022 has passed, the manager visits the results webpage and selects their team code from a pulldown menu. A second pulldown menu enables the manager to select a comparator. They then receive a results report by email containing a set of charts that summarises the information submitted by their team, along with advice about its interpretation.

Local ownership

It is common for mental health team leaders to be asked for data but excluded from the analysis or discussions about the findings.  Where data is collected, staff may fear that it will be used to criticise their work rather than to celebrate their efforts to provide a good service.  This Online Survey 2022 allows teams to control the decisions about whether to do the survey at all and when to do it, to collect their own summary data and interpret it for themselves.